The APPALACHIAN TRAIL EXPERIENCE for those that prefer their adventure with a little more comfort!

3 full days hiking the Appalachian Trail as it winds along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Thornton Gap to Swift Run Gap in Shenandoah National Park.

This experience can be tailored to you and even different levels within the same party. The beauty of this section of trail is that it has amazing views even when the leaves are out, and is never far from the Blue Ridge Parkway allowing many different pick up/ drop off points to suit.

We base each day around main visitor sites on the trail so that people can easily pick up extra provisions or enjoy some time in the cafe/bar/shop while awaiting their ride back home (during season).

- 4 days/ 4 nights

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ITINERARY  Sunday - Thursday

Arrival  - Arrive from 4pm - Orientation to include an understanding of the route, maps and safety will be held in the 'Map room', there will be little fun challenges to test your map reading skills out on the trail!  
Barbeque get together!

Day 1  - Breakfast
After breakfast we travel to our first point on the Appalachian Trail at Thornton Gap. The 10 mile trail starts with an invigorating ascent from 2,200' to 3,500' over the first 1 1/2 miles to the View Point at Marys Rock. Experienced hikers wanting a challenge, can be dropped at an earlier point 4 miles out with a further 4 miles and 1500’ elevation gain!
Follow the Appalachian trail southwards a further 7.6 miles 1,900’’ elevation gain Via The Pinnacle 3,730’  to Skylands or add summit of ‘Stony Man at 4,011’ with 600’ elevation gain and an extra 0.9 mile. Pick up at Skylands where refreshments and further park info are available.
Back to Solstice Farm for Jacuzzi and dinner. Share experiences.

Day 2  - Breakfast
A little lighter day for those that put in more than expected the first day.
Start Skylands. Summits available for those that want the extra but fantastic views all along the way, 9.75 miles with 1950’ gain in elevation, with summits add:
Bushy Top/Millers Head 1.5 miles 377’ gain

Hawksbill add 0.5miles and 500’ gain

Naked Top  0.9 miles 120’ gain

Rose River alternative to AT with Waterfalls to Appalachian Way shorter for happy walkers, longer for go getters!
Back to Solstice Farm for Jacuzzi, clean up and out to dinner.

Day 3  - Breakfast
Early start, for serious walkers to get in 17 miles to complete this section of the trail.  Main walk from Big Meadows 4 miles to Hazel Top then at 7 miles, Bearfence Mountain 3553’ overall 8.4 miles with 1400’ elevation gain to Lewis Mountain campground…. Pick up or add…

1. Lewis Mountain 1 mile 150’ extra gain
2. Possible pick up after 14 miles at South falls picnic overall 2215’ gain
3. Full Section 17 miles to Swift Run Gap, only 2630” gain overall and the last 2 miles are all gently downhill.
Pick up celebration drink at Lydia Lodge perhaps. Back to Solstice Farm for Jacuzzi, clean up and out to dinner.

Day 4  - Depart after breakfast.

All food, non alcoholic beverages, transport after arrival and access to the in Shenandoah National Park is included, with packed lunch for days on the trail.

Available back at the farm:

Awesome Verandah and Terrace to enjoy
Hot tub for those aching muscles
Trails around the property with lake and mountain views
Fishing - Bass and Carp stocked Lake
Paddle the lake, or simple float and observe the wildlife
Chickens, fresh eggs hmmm!
Lavender (1st year) 1000 plants
Quiet, peaceful and relaxing yet close to amenities, shops, restaurants, wineries and brewery. 1-5 miles.

$575 / person        (Single room supplement)

Held 1st and 3rd week of the month from mid April to end of October.

Charlottesville Airport Transfers .....    $55 (each way)

Call for availability and to book Anita (1) 540-395-4222.